Humanity #4: The Desire for Improvement and Self-Control

There are so many attitudes and frames of thought nowadays that are focused on constant improvement, growth, or evolution. The idea is that things as they are now are suitable for this stage of existence, but it would be objectively better, and much more enjoyable, if we managed to improve things even just a bit … Continue reading Humanity #4: The Desire for Improvement and Self-Control


Are You Denying or Accepting Perfection?

If the whole of existence is perfect sufficiently in itself, why practice meditation or any other method of self-improvement or accelerated growth? Similarly, why think that there are improvements to be made in the environments around you, or in your society? If the world is not perfect, and we are individuated reflections of the rest … Continue reading Are You Denying or Accepting Perfection?

The Box

Who am I? Therapy or meditation? Psychedelic bliss or medication? Embodied chaos freed versus freedom from institution taken? What makes the cave so different from the outside when, in either one, you can always smile or hide? I see no difference in the waves that come by trough before crest and those that flow from … Continue reading The Box

Contemplations 09/01; Truth Seeking

Most of this is just going to be questions that I've been rolling through recently, followed by some meditated responses to the question. Also, my previously titled "Personal Journal" series shall be henceforth known as "Contemplations". Also also, I really enjoyed using "henceforth" there, felt kinda fancy for a moment 🙂 1. Is this the … Continue reading Contemplations 09/01; Truth Seeking