Wading in Confusion

What is this hell of ours? Where has true peace gone?

What happened to the sensible men and sensible women that hold strong?

Please don’t tell me my beloved humanity is little more than a simpleton’s naivete.

Where is the passion, the community, the culture, the art of living?

Where is the love for something better, something more whole than paying for bills for the freedom to work for greater bills, this digging of holes?

Everything was bled in the name of commodity. No one lives here unless you feast on others. What good is this society in the face of so much misery? What god was it that abandoned us?

I saw a hatchling gecko lost in my hall. You poor thing, I thought, stumbling in the cold. This is not where you belong, my friend. It tried to run from me, but I am colossal to the frail beast. It was nothing to stop it, pick it up from the floor, and return it to the plants outside the door. It was nothing, and yet it made all the difference. At least this night was not lost to woes. Not tonight.


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