Everyday Mysticism

I find it interesting that there seem to be a lot of overlaps between some genuine philosophers, the seekers out there, and those who have spent a lot of time in relation to violence or combat, whether in sports or some militaristic profession. From both of these peoples, I get the feeling of someone who is here, but not fully engaged. They’re living in a different kind of world with a different set of rules and governing principles, and this goes for artists, teachers, fighters; anyone devoted to a certain way of being. And all of them only ever seem to be fully present when engaged with another of their kind in their usual business. The fighter fights, and when they’re not fighting, they feel distanced from their home, as if the peace that visits them is foreign. Respectively, the seeker is at home only when they’re lost and the road back has been forgotten or abandoned. The only way through is forward, onward, into the uncertainty of what we call consequences, and the only company is the silence and the stillness inside.

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