Reflecting on Philosophy

I haven’t written a post here in a while, partially because I haven’t been motivated or interested, but mostly because I was blanking on what to write about. I’d spent an ironic amount of time trying to flesh out an outline for the various personal and philosophic/spiritual ideas I thought people ought to be familiar with in contemporary times. In an effort to return to what I recognize as the roots of this practice, I now write this reflection.

In a conversation I had once, someone was probing my interest in philosophy and the issues I talked about. He asked frankly, “Do you philosophize, or do you theorize?” I’ve voiced complaints about the tendency for some thinkers to treat topics as weekly assignments rather than the realities we face in our existence, but even my recent essay on suffering was something like a conceptual autopsy of a once living idea. So much time and energy went into word choice it could almost be considered a monologue in prose, but then again, wouldn’t that be the case for every ordinarily written work?

The faculty of reason is a useful one without doubt, but disconnected from our subjective experiences and manifested lives, it’s hardly practical. Practicality itself is for the benefit of our subjectivity; after all, it’s our personal values which define our experience, not the logical assessment of them.

To keep things concise and aligned with the point, I think I’ll be returning to unscripted essays written with little to no outlining or forethought. I’ve wanted to write a contemplation of Justice in light of the events of the last year or so, and though I’ll be taking inspiration from other thinkers and writers, my ideas deserve to be crafted into arts that touch the mind and heart. If it truly is wisdom and knowledge that I love, I’ll let these writings be fulfilled by the life from which they are derived. Thank you to all who’ve followed and read my posts. Your appreciation is much appreciated.


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