Are You Denying or Accepting Perfection?

If the whole of existence is perfect sufficiently in itself, why practice meditation or any other method of self-improvement or accelerated growth? Similarly, why think that there are improvements to be made in the environments around you, or in your society? If the world is not perfect, and we are individuated reflections of the rest of existence, would we not also be imperfect, broken, and in need of fixing?

This is the mentality of one who believes that there is something deeply wrong or disturbing about their own nature, and thinks that they ought to be something else that they aren’t at that time; however, this is necessarily contradictory to the idea that the entirety of existence, which many view as sacredly perfect in its spiritual interdependent connectedness. What do we believe then about the status of our minds, our societies, or the entirety of existence?

It may just be my own interpretation, but I would say that even if the universe is set to end in heat death and cease any exchange of energy, and the ultimate finality of existence is motionless equilibrium, that doesn’t change how we ought to live our lives. There’s fundamentally no reason to worry, just as there’s fundamentally no reason to be happy, other than for its own sake. Even if we are broken, limited, imperfect, doomed, or simply trading one set of problems for another, we have an endless stream of possibilities ahead of us, and the ability to do anything we can conceive of doing. The here and now is always available for you to enjoy the infinite potential of existence. What would you do if you could do anything? Travel? Stay? Create? Destroy? Inspire? Fight? Discover? Hide? Enjoy? Endure? Play? Trick? Love? Hate?

The fact that we exist, regardless the context, is not a condition in the sense that it is a sort of distortion of or ripple in the purity of the entirety of existence. It is just a fact, like the fact that leaves in the spring time are freshly green, that they darken over the summer as the trees develop more chlorophyll to take in more sunlight, that they turn different shades of orange, yellow, brown, and even red when the tree retracts its water, and that they fall in preparation for the cold of winter. We exist just like water flows; it’s just what we do. And while we exist, we exist in many different ways, doing many different things.

The idea that because our lives have moral value, we also have differing levels of value in which some are worth more than others and therefore ought to exist more so than others is a subjective judgment. It makes no difference, objectively speaking, whether or not the wolves manage to catch the young bison. Of course if they do the bison will die, but the wolves will not go hungry. Does this mean it is a tragedy for the wolves to catch their prey? Or that it is a miracle for the bison to escape? No. Regardless of what the bison or the wolves may think, it means nothing. It’s just a way for the various things that exist to exist as they do.

I say this not to condone or support any sort of existence. It is also within our nature, or within the ways in which we exist, to find certain things unacceptable rather than acceptable, even about ourselves. But, what I mean to suggest is that if what you are finding unacceptable is a factor of your own existence, rest assured that we do not stay in static conditions throughout our entire existence, and change is more than possible; it is imminent. It is just as possible and easy to change your life to fit the type of existence you prefer as it was to learn to read these words. Simply make a sincere decision for it to happen, and expect that because you honestly wish to exist in a certain way, you’ll trust the rest of existence and love yourself enough to accept the blessing of being what you want to be.


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