The Box

Who am I? Therapy or meditation? Psychedelic bliss or medication? Embodied chaos freed versus freedom from institution taken? What makes the cave so different from the outside when, in either one, you can always smile or hide? I see no difference in the waves that come by trough before crest and those that flow from crest to trough. In fact, the idea of crest being the best and troughs low like the speed of sloths just seems like another loss of the real wisdom. Jest all you want, Joker, I see through the system.

Life is like a box, and all the time when you were wondering what was behind the motivation for some “teacher” telling you to color outside the lines while they define your mind, you were criticized for wanting to break out the box, because you understand yourself as a color. And I don’t mean race or any number of artificial names that take your place like labels marking when milk will have a sour taste. I mean you see yourself as free. You see yourself as making your choices and speaking with your own voices, but that doesn’t fit inside the box.

I call myself the “Enlightened Mind” because I know I am a fool. But you wouldn’t listen to me if you didn’t see me as a tool for your own growth. And it may sound gross like the income you want the most to take care of your folks, or whatever, but believe me when I say I too am a host for your skeletons and ghost. The human condition we share is just that, problems. For we can never have too many that we can’t solve any, but with every step we take, every level passed into our wake, there’s another step and another problem we must face.

My demon is that of Love and Hate because I love to hate the love we waste and hate to face my love of hate. And what would it mean to “save my face” when mistakes are the impetus of keeping pace? Every trip up is just a reason to rise and every trip like a vacation is glory in demise. Take the world of problems away and you have no reasons to cry… or smile. If I only lived for what I love, I don’t think I’d live too long, because I love to give myself away in order to make others strong. So here I am once again, on the fence without a plan, wondering, do I rob and take to live or should I die to give? The only thing I know is that the greatest gift to give is yourself.

I once heard a wise man say, the point of life is death. So I thought, if you live without dying, have you ever really lived? If the game never ends, is it really being played? If you surrender without taking, do you ever really give? Do not race to die, it will come in its own time. For now, be as you are, and when that times comes, my friend, meet the Now like you would the End, with every bit of passion that you feel that makes the world bend. And we will know you to be Free.


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