Truth vs. Society; Human Conceptions of Reality

The featured photo is not a flower. Allow me to explain what I mean by that. In Western society, and especially in Western philosophy, we have a tendency to cling to labels, concepts, systemic structures, and social conventions as if they are the truth of our lives, in a kind of "this is what's important" … Continue reading Truth vs. Society; Human Conceptions of Reality


Contemplations 09/01; Truth Seeking

Most of this is just going to be questions that I've been rolling through recently, followed by some meditated responses to the question. Also, my previously titled "Personal Journal" series shall be henceforth known as "Contemplations". Also also, I really enjoyed using "henceforth" there, felt kinda fancy for a moment 🙂 1. Is this the … Continue reading Contemplations 09/01; Truth Seeking